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Florin Albu, former director of Travel Mix Chanel, is always looking to discover new tourist destinations to promote. He uses all mediums to share his discoveries. He writes articles in specialized magazines, makes video and photo materials, and also promotes his work through radio interviews. His projects are completed in vacation packages for tourists. He has several such projects, both in Romania and abroad. A project dear to his heart is “Traveler in Romania”, in which Florin and his team present tourist circuits illustrated through videos and photos. “We are making a specific guide to Romanian tourism based on these images”, I thank Feri Predescu for the wonderful words.

"My Doctor Travel Gang"

Cristi Nitu videographer and sometimes director – captures the most beautiful images, in the most professional way. Claudiu Vatau is called “the man with the drone” because he likes to film everything from above. The one who dresses beautifully in words everything that the team captures in images is the writer Mihail Gălățanu. Journalist Razvan Adam is the one who helps me the most in all things. He also has the role of coordinator at doctortravel. In order to check the boxes, you have to double click on the desired one and select the appropriate option in the open window. Radu Georgescu and sometimes Florin Toth, two remarkable people, are the ones who ensure the editing, and most of the time they manage to make the montage in an exemplary and different way. Maria Albu, photojournalist, is my life and work partner. She is the person who balances me the most. Ovidiu Oprea – journalist and photojournalist at DoctorTravel, is the latest addition to the magazine. He is “guilty” of most of the photographs on this site and sometimes he surprises us with the best images when you least expect it.

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